The Tan Sawan Waterfall & Flower Tour, 1 Day , include meal, water

Start in the morning about 8.30, with the car, 3 km

Walking a small path up to a viewpoint

Walking up more and more......

Flowerplace 1 after 30min from start

Flowerplace 2 after 50min from start.

Flowerplace 3 after 60min from start. Now it goes down

After 3 hr from start the Tan Sawan Waterfall. Swimming and lunch.

We follow the river down.

About 3.30 p.m. a small stop at a ranger house.

About 5 p.m. back to smiley

Here now some pictures from the tour:

On the viewpoint you can see a greatful landscape...

The home of a big spider:

Home of bee in a tree

The size of this rafflesia bud is like a small watermelon, about 30cm .

A Flying Ginga, looks like a dragon, not dangerous

Mushroms on a tree

The biggest flower of the world, the Rafflesia

On the Tan Sawan Waterfall, here now only a little bite water. Lunch and swimming

We follow the river

A tree with big roots: