Khao Sok General Information
The National Park covers an area of 740 km² (bigger than Phuket) and was born 1980. The Park is located about 200km of phuket or 60 km east of Khao Lak where the tsunami desaster broken everything at dezember 2004

About 60 km from Khao Sok is the Chieo Lan Lake with the Rajaprabha-Dam. There is a very greatful landscape with high rocks, between 40-90m deep. More Information here:

Very big fish are in this lake

now about 15 Rafthouse-Resorts on the lake (5 Ranger Resorts and 10 private Resorts. This here is the private Saichon (Saichol) Rafthouse

Some years ago it was made with bamboo, now it is made with fiber cement

When we go to the cave sometimes we stop at Ton Teuy Rafthouse for lunch.
Most time we will stay at Smiley Lake House.

It's the best in Thailand there! On the daytime it can be hot, but in the nightime usually a little bit fresh, somtimes cold with 15 C. In the april it can be nearly 40C on the daytime! Because the bungalows made with wood (only 1 stone bungalow) you don't need AC.

Since 2003 we have mobile-telephone and internet (about 2 Baht/min).
Free WiFi in our restaurant.

Some small supermarkets in Khao Sok too. They have ice-cream, beer, cigaretts, sweets, yoghurt, some drinks, medicine, fruits, dry-soup and many things more. If you miss something we can buy it in Takua Pa, the next big city, 40km west.

Everytime in the year you can see some flowers in the park. This is a wild Ginger Flower

This is a wild Heliconia rostrata, also known as hanging lobster claw or false bird of paradise

Nobody like these animals but they not dangerous! They come out after the rain in the jungle. You can take care your legs when you put salt or gasoline on it. If you walk quick they can not catch you too :-) Really! If they catch the blood run a long time and it looks danger...

Sometimes you can see a snake. Usually they scare you and go quick away, but when they eat they can not move and not bite :-) If you see a snake be still she not interestet in you.

Big butterflys in Khao sok at home:

Other Animals
The animal on the picture is named duckae or gecko and looks nice with the different colours. It is about 20cm long and eat moskitos

A very big one like to stay in the resort, his name is Jaba. This one is higher than the cigarette box in the front and about 15cm long.

A frog, about 5 cm long

Another frog, very small, about 4 cm

Praying Mantis, not danger

Dragon Fly

Bats are only in the cave

Zikada, you can listen them in the night when they play their concert

The thainame is ginga. When they run it looks very funny. Not danger.

Wild elephants and deer at Khlong Saeng Wildlife

Elephant bath at Sok River