Overnight Lake Tour, 2 Days 1 Night, include 2 breakfast, 2 lunch, 1 dinner

>This is a big tour (camping, lake) please tell us 1-2 day before
>This tour can change the programm, please ask for the current programm when you book
>Price not include park-entrance fee
>On the pictures you see different bungalows, but sorry, you can not choose. The management will assign you a bungalow
If you like the Lake House you can stay longer, each additional night is 1000 baht per person incl. food, water, coffee and tea but No Trekking/Safari for additional nights!!

Please klick the image for a bigger one

Here now some pictures from the tour:

When you drive to the lake you can see a greatful landscape...

...with high mountains

The lake area is popular place for the thai people on the weekend.

The big dam, where the water is about 90m deep

With the longtailboat in 1 hr. to the other end of the sea.
You can see limestone outcrops reach a high of 900m

Smiley Lake House, about 42 Bungalows (built 2011)

The wonderful view

All Bungalows with toilett/bathroom

2. Day:
The second day start with a morning safari and breakfast at the Smiley Lakehouse.
Then you go by boat to the Nam Talu cave.
On the trek you can see many butterfly..

...and walk 1 hr. to the cave Nam Talu. On the entrance, the cave is very big.
To the end smaller but beautiful

In the cave you can see bats , not danger and nice limestones

More pics of the walk through the cave

Near the end of the cave you must walk/swimm in fresh clear water

Big adventure !

When you come back to Smiley Lake House it is lunch time and a little bite time
to swim before the boat depart back to the pier