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Khao Sok Smiley Bungalow
Smiley Lake House

We have a Rafthouse Resort named Smiley Lake House on Rajjaprabha Lake (Chieo Lan) and a Bungalowresort in the Khao Sok Nationalpark. Here you can see where the Lake House is and where the Bungalow Resort is

IMPORTANT: Smiley Lake House and Smiley Bungalow are 60km apart!!!

The Khao Sok Nationalpark is pure nature and you will enjoy it too!!
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TAT License Nr. 33/2726 , Guide License klick


Lake Map
December 2019: Klick the image for a bigger one.

Time Table Overnight Lake Tour
March 2018: Klick the image for a bigger one. Look the "tours" menue.

Lake House, Restaurant, Pics added
October 2016: Now we have 42 Lake House Bungalows and a new floating restaurant there. Look the "lake house" menue.

More Lake House bungalows, Pics added
December 2015: Now we have 33 Lake House bungalows. Look the "lake house" menue.

Tour flyer 2015, Lake House upgrade, Pictures
April 2015: The Lake House Resort have 23 bungalows now

Many new pictures in the pictures menue, klick the image

The new Restaurant, Pics added
March 2014: It needs more then 6 months to built the new restaurant, but now already open. New pictures added, look the "picures" menue.

Smiley Lake House open now!
April 2011: Our new Lake House on the Chieo Lan Lake is open now! All Lake Tours will stop there. We have 11 bungalows with toilett inside. For more information klick the Lake House Button.